Quality Living Skills

QLS is a life-learning-skill-building program designed to equip participants with the necessary life skills needed for daily living in today's society.

Home Life Skills

Understanding of home safety

Assistance with community resources

Learn how to do laundry

Learn how to safely clean the house

Learn to live and share with others individuals

Job Development Skills

Resume' writing assistance

Employment resource assistance

Computer training (Internet, Microsoft Office Suite)

Goal Setting

Implementation of creative strategies to reach long-term goals

Establishment and management of resources to achieve goals

Evaluation of efforts toward goal attainment

Life planning guidance

Decision Making/Problem Solving

Assistance in considering risks and evaluation of alternatives to negative habitual behavior

Learn to recognize long-term consequences of solution to problems

Application and development of personal values to their choices

Develop and implement plan of action for problem resolution

Behavioral Health

Anger Management

Substance Abuse consulting (prevention, treatment, recovery)

Menu Planning/Grocery Shopping

Learn to use a nutrition guide/recipes as a resource to plan a nutritious meal

Create a grocery shopping list specific to the planned meals within budget

Learn to use coupons/bargains to shop within budget

Spending Plan/ Budget

Learn to assess and modify spending habits

Plan personal spending

Determine necessary areas of expenses (food, clothing, activities)

G - Gain knowledge to
O- Overcome obstacles so you can
A- Achieve self-determination and learn to
L- Love life, then
S-Success is yours

Each day participants will receive services for 2 hours on various subjects to total 8 hours per day.